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A fashion brand approached DHL Same Day in order to get support on urgent deliveries within their global network of shops, boutiques and warehouses. They are producing luxury haute de couture and hand bags, and their collections need to be available on time for shop openings, fashion shows, press appointments as well as for VIP customers. DHL Same Day is taking care of all hot deliveries.

Customer Profile

  • The customer requires a door to door transport for super urgent and high value cloth, bags and accessories
  • The product needs to be delivered in accordance to shop opening times
  • Needs special handling due to sector specific customs procedures like CITES and non-inclusion goods to more than 10 different countries worldwide
  • Need to have the flexibility to clear through forwarder or broker
  • Needs real-time visibility and exception management
  • Has limited stock due to the nature and value of goods


  • Combining DHL Global Forwarding / DHL Same Day strengths to design a bespoke solution for all shipments
  • Global network of partners to provide tailored deliveries to individual boutiques, appointments and shopping malls
  • Continuous and proactive monitoring by 24/7/365 DHL Same Day customer service team; intervention if necessary
  • Sector knowledge and flexibility to support the requirements of the fashion industry and nature of the goods

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable tailor made set up, covering the specific product and shipping requirements
  • Experts on the required customs and documentation formalities within the fashion industry
  • Maximum flexibility to adapt to changing requirements immediately
  • Single Point of Contact for all shipping needs; common language between customer and service provider
  • Full Transparency during the complete transport