Customer Service

DHL Same Day Customer Service is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—always available to help you meet any shipping challenge. Our Global Command Center services ensure that every Customer Service Representative is linked in real time to your shipment information. They have the knowledge and data to provide every customer with a maximized transportation solution.

DHL Same Day Customer Service features include:

  • Customer Service Representatives that speak more than 10 languages
  • One-call resolution
  • A single contact for all your shipping and service needs
  • Order placement by phone, e-mail and online

To contact DHL Same Day Customer Service, please visit our Contact US page for details.

What DHL Same Day customers say:

GE Healthcare:

“We love the GPS tracking feature. I don’t have to guess what time the package will be arriving – Great feature!”

-Justin Turner, Field Service Engineer, GE Healthcare

BD Gencell Biosystems:

“Overall we are happy and very pleased with the service. Shipments are scheduled and delivered in a timely manner.”

-Lisa Colon, Receiving Clerk, Corporate/Shared Services

GE Aviation:

“In my first experience using the service for GE Aviation, I found the whole experience very pleasant and exactly what I needed. The three representatives I spoke to throughout the whole shipment were very helpful.”

-Todd Fredrickson, Warehouse Manager for Reliance Aerotech Services, GE Aviation

ST Aerospace Services:

“Overall, the Key Account officers are very helpful, proactive, professional, and reliable in following up with the customer. I really appreciate their great service provided to the customer.”

-Eric Koh, Purchasing Executive, ST Aerospace Services

Amphibious Construction Battalion One:

“The best service I have ever received from a shipping company in 26 years of logistics experience.”

-Arturo Hurel, Supply Leading Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy