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Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization and the oldest major professional sports league in the world. MLB operations solicits DHL Same Day to transport the umpire gear to the stadium where the game is being played, which is critical given that any issues with gear not arriving results in a game delay.

Customer Profile

  • Mission critical; need for a proactive solution based on schedule of season games
  • Last minute service request, requiring dedicated hands on solution. As well as international exhibit games
  • Need for an expedited white glove service in order to prevent any delay to scheduled game time


  • Customized time-critical, white glove solution
  • Direct working relationship with umpire operations teams
  • Prior to start of the season, solution routings are aligned based on season schedule. Ability to adjust to last minute game schedule changes
  • Designated agent network manages shipments, ensuring proper routing and monitoring to deliver on time

Customer Benefits

  • White Glove solution: Coordination and on time arrival of equipment (trunks) thanks in part to DHL Same Day expedited service
  • Single Point of contact throughout the entire coordination of the pickup/delivery of the trunks
  • Permanent monitoring and milestone communication 24/7 with umpire attendee