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One of our clients designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Each year, new products are launched and our client requires advertising materials to arrive on time to markets for these launches. Critical electronic components for its products must be quickly deployed from their diverse pool of worldwide suppliers to their OEM and R&D sites to support their innovations.

Customer Profile

  • Ease of doing business with a single point of contact for all global shipping needs, 24/7/365
  • Require a reliable and fast transport solution for regular weekly sweeps for defined origins / destinations, but also ad-hoc requests
  • Need for proactive and real time notifications for shipments and any changes that may occur with the transportation of their shipments


  • A dedicated team within the DHL Same Day customer service department takes care of all global needs, 24/7/365, monitors all shipments and provides milestone updates; standard operating procedures in place
  • Advance pre-booked sweeps and EDI requests on regular lanes ensures smooth uplift. Ad-hoc requests are worked out on next available flight or drive solutions
  • Shipment interception at DHL Express hubs and direct delivery

Customer Benefits

  • Fast and straight forward communication between DHL Same Day and company teams so transit goes smoothly
  • Increased speed compared to normal network or air freight solutions
  • Full cost transparency and control. Rates in place for regular lanes and ad-hoc upgrades are quoted and approved where required