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Our customer is the world’s enterprise technology leader for restaurants, retailers and banks. They create software, hardware and services that run the enterprise from back office to the front end and everything in between for their clients.

Customer Profile

  • Difficulty in sending new products marketing materials to retailers and distributors in second tier and third tier cities for on time product launches
  • Deliveries to their second and third tier cities retailers/distributors are most often delayed , items are sometimes missing and without proof of delivery
  • Smaller suppliers most often do not have robust logistics team and have limited shipping options to support global OEM’s critical parts which cannot be delayed
  • Need round the clock customer service support to manage and follow up with all suppliers and all time zones


  • DHL Same Day global network of agents are close to their own markets. With strong local knowledge and footprints, coupled with flexibility to secure first fastest commercial flights, shipments to outskirts and non-major cities are delivered with fastest committed transit time with proof of delivery available
  • An experience and knowledgeable team of certified specialists from DHL Same Day are available 24x7x365 to manage and support end to end shipping solutions for our customer. NFO/ Hand carry solutions are used depending on urgency
  • Automated milestones updates on shipment status with online shipment tracking for added shipment visibility

Customer Benefits

  • A single control tower contact for both NFO/ Hand carry jobs. Easy to communicate with anytime, anywhere with documented trails on emails
  • Increase sales of new products as new advertising materials are received timely according to new product launches dates. Peace of mind when shipping with DHL Same Day
  • Ultimate speed in shipping compared to network or air freight solutions. Increased reliability on uplift with on time delivery
  • Able to adapt to uncertainty and upgrade jobs from NFO to Hand carry when needed