DHL Same Day Sprintline: Solutions that offer rapid transportation by road

Same Day Sprintline is a fully flexible ground service, where your unaccompanied export, import or domestic shipments receive an expedited pick-up and is then transported by road, door-to-door, in the shortest possible time. When there’s a short distance between origin and destination and it’s too close to fly, typically for transportation across country or within the same region, Same day Sprintline loses no time to deliver. A dedicated ground vehicle is arranged to pick-up the shipment, which is often too large to ship by air, and sprint it to your chosen destination. Across the US we also provide a high-quality, customized and cost-efficient “Deliver, Install and Return” solution for computer peripherals and a secure storage solution providing global stock visibility and rapid response to customer orders. Our trained ‘Deliver, Install and Return’ specialists install and test replacement units, then pack and return defective peripherals, saving you time and money. With over 100 Strategic Parts Centers (SPCs) across the US we can provide high-speed logistics services, such as Same Day (ASAP), 2-hour and 4-hour order fulfillment.

DHL Same Day Sprintline offers you:

  • Expedited, point-to-point ground transportation
  • Pickup normally within 60 minutes of order
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Proactive shipment monitoring from call-in through delivery
  • Proactive tracking and monitoring from pick-up through to delivery
  • Option for end-to-end delivery, installation, testing and defective parts return process
  • Customized solutions for computer peripherals and customer-specific hardware
  • State-of-the art inventory control storage facilities
  • Pull, pick and pack capabilities